Lake Pump Installation

Lake pump installation can be as simple as mounting a pump to a boat dock. However, lake pump installation usually means mounting a pump in a pump stand anchored in the lake at the correct depth. Proper lake pump installation has a lot to do with the life of a lake pump. Improper lake pump installation can result in the pump running hot, debris entering the pump and shortening the life of the pump and equipment. Proper sizing of the pump and pump cable are critical for long pump life and quality of water. Lake pump installation of the stand can vary in price from $100 to $600 depending on the size of the pump, depth of water and type of lake bottom. Proper sizing of intake is critical for the flow rate and cooling of the pump. When the pump runs hot it shortens both the life of the pump and the pump cable. When lake pump installation is done by Brandenburg Water, certified scuba divers are used to ensure the pump and stand are mounted property on the bottom of the lake. Some companies drop the pump and stand from a boat hoping they land upright and don’t fall over in the mud. The dives and are more time consuming and expensive but ensures the pump is placed in the lake correctly. This procedure for lake pump installations results in the longer life of the pump and stand. Brandenburg Water offers monthly service on all equipment to Travis, Williamson, Burnet, Llano, Lampasas, Blanco and Hays counties.