Lake Water Treatment

A lake water treatment system turns lake water into potable water. The quality of water will vary depending on the requirements and needs of the customer. Brandenburg Water offers lake water treatment for irrigation purposes to whole house reverse osmosis systems. Lake water treatment is needed to kill the bacteria in drinking water. Lake water treatment in Central Texas varies considerably depending on lake depth, turbidity of the water, water hardness, PH and iron as well as organic and inorganic contaminants found in the water. Lake water treatment usually includes chlorination, multi-media filtration, ultra violet light systems and carbon filters. Also included in lake water treatment services provided by Brandenburg Water are the mounting of the lake pumps by certified scuba divers in lake pump stands. Monthly maintenance service is also available on all our lake water treatment equipment. Brandenburg Water lake water treatment offers over 40 years of experience in water testing, installation and repair of water softeners, installation and maintenance of reverse osmosis systems and the removal of iron as well as the organic and inorganic compounds. All water is essential to life but undesirable elements can dissolve or form in water which can make it unusable. Brandenburg Water specializes in everyday water treatment needs as well as difficult water problems with our lake water treatment systems.