Well Water Treatment

Many people in the United States receive their water from private ground water wells. Regulations that protect public drinking water systems do not apply to privately owned wells. Therefore it is the responsibility of owners of private wells to ensure that their water is safe from contaminants. Well water treatment in Central Texas can vary widely from excellent to very poor quality. Brandenburg Water offers testing of well water to determine the quality of the water and the best treatment options. Well water can be treated for hardness, iron, magnesium, PH and organic and inorganic contaminants, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, tannins, nitrates and micro-organisms. Well water treatment can be very simple to very difficult to treat depending on the contaminants and gallons per minute flow rate. Some wells can also make very little water requiring storage tank and re pressurization pumps. Brandenburg Water offers several types of well water treatment equipment including chlorinators, de chlorinators, carbon filters, multimedia filters, softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ultra violet light systems and ozone systems. There are many different treatment options for well water treatment. No single treatment option will protect against all problems. We also offer monthly service on well water treatment systems in Blanco, Travis, Williamson, Lampasas, Llano and Burnet counties.