Rainwater Harvesting Company in Georgetown, TX

Do you know that you can collect rainwater and basically use it for all your indoor and outdoor water uses? Rain water harvesting in the simplest of terms means collecting rainwater during the rainy season, storing it up in cisterns or tanks and treating it for both potable and non-potable usage. Potable water is water that has been carefully treated to ensure that it is fit for drinking and cooking.

Are you looking for a reputable rainwater harvesting company in Georgetown, TX? Brandenburg Water offers rainwater solutions at a reasonable price across Central Texas. We are a family-owned local Georgetown rainwater harvesting company that is run by a father and son duo. We have been providing homeowners, businesses and companies with reliable rainwater harvesting solutions across Central Texas for close to four decades.

We specialize in professionally designing and installing rainwater collection and harvesting systems in homes. Whether you have no idea of what rainwater collection system is ideal for your home, or you think your property does not have the space or the access for harvesting rainwater; just contact us and let us help you figure out the water harvesting system that will be best for your household’s needs. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote in Georgetown, TX.

Rainwater Solutions in Georgetown, TX

At Brandenburg Water; we provide sustainable and effective rainwater solutions in Georgetown, TX for homeowners, businesses and companies. Our rainwater solutions include; advising homeowners on their options, designing customized rainwater solutions for different types of homes, installation of the right water collection system in your home, providing regular maintenance services and repairs as well as removal or replacement of old rainwater storage tanks or cisterns.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems consist of four aspects which includes; a catchment area, the collection system, the storage system and the rainwater distribution system. 

  • A catchment area simply means the surface used to catch and direct the flow of the rain water which in our case, is a roof.  At Brandenburg Water; we customize rainwater harvesting systems to fit the design of your roof.
  • The rainwater collection system simply means a way to effectively direct the water that has been harvested from the catchment area to a storage system. This includes the gutters in your home and spouts. 
  • Different customers choose different storage systems depending on their budget and scale of rainwater harvesting they require. The storage  could either be a tank, a cistern or a reservoir.  
  • A distribution system refers to the mechanism through which the harvested rainwater is connected to your plumbing system and distributed throughout your property for both indoor and outdoor usage. 

There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater. If you think about it; rain is free and there is a lot of water that is lost every year that could be harvested and reused for most of the indoor and outdoor uses in homes. Non-potable water usage takes up the largest amount of water used in our homes. Considering that you can harvest rainwater and considerably reduce your monthly water bills on top of aiding conservation purposes, it just makes sense to invest in a sustainable rainwater harvesting system for your home. 

The best thing about it is that rainwater harvesting can be as simple as directing the water from your gutters to a tank or as complex as installing an entire water harvesting system in your home and using it as the primary water source.

Rainwater Collection Georgetown, TX

To get an effective rainwater collection in Georgetown, TX; you need to do some basic research to ensure that you have contracted a professional rainwater harvesting company that will install the water harvesting systems properly for you and ensure that your rainwater harvesting is both effective and sustainable. Brandenburg Water is a licensed rainwater harvesting company that is run by well trained and experienced professionals who have been dealing with rainwater collection in Georgetown, TX for more than 30 years. We are passionate about what we do and we believe that every home needs a system for collecting, storing and distributing rainwater for everyday usage.

Harvested Water

Harvested water has many uses. Whether you will be using it for day to day non-potable uses in your home or outside your home for watering your lawn or garden, agricultural & irrigation purposes or for providing drinking water for livestock or wildlife; having sustainable rainwater solutions ensures that you make the most of your harvested water.

Apart from the initial costs of installing rainwater systems in your home and scheduled maintenance; harvested water is practically free. As we previously mentioned; collecting rainwater can be as simple as you want it to be or as complex as your budget allows you to. The rainwater collection system you choose will depend on your budget as well as what you want to use your harvested rainwater for.

If you are looking for professional rainwater harvesting solutions in Georgetown, TX or the surrounding areas; contact Brandenburg Water today at (512) 656-6589 for a free no-obligation estimate or advice. We will drive down to your property, discuss the most effective rainwater harvesting solutions for your home and help you install the right water harvesting system for you.

If you need a rainwater harvesting Austin TX, we’ve got you covered there, too.